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IAA in Canada Driving Seller Returns & Reducing Cycle Times

News on Call Centre Expansion, New TSR Team, Early Tow & Appraisal, and Much More

Published January 31, 2023 - Written by Blair Earle

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The January Client News looks at ongoing efforts to drive seller returns, reduce their cycle times, and improve their employee and customer experiences. 

As 2023 begins, I want to highlight how IAA is continually working to provide you with the products, services and initiatives that drive your returns, reduce your cycle times, and improve your employee and customer experiences. Here’s the latest update on what we’re doing:

Centralized Services Call Centre Expansion

In fall 2020 we announced the launch of our Centralized Services Call Centre to better service our Canadian insurance and remarketing clients. We recently expanded with a dedicated team in Western Canada and added further capacity in Ontario. This expansion has enabled national coverage and is scalable to accommodate unpredictable CAT events. The Centralized Releasing Unit (CRU) and Towing and Storage Resolution (TSR) teams are focused on actions that have led to greater storage cost savings and cycle time reductions.

CRU Centralized Releasing Unit Reducing Cycle Times

Our Centralized Releasing Unit team ensures vehicles are released immediately for sale, mitigating any unnecessary delays, such as missing documents. The ‘Problem Queue’ is constantly monitored, and action steps are taken for resolution with consistent follow-up, so every vehicle moves along to release for sale quickly and efficiently.

TSR Towing and Storage Resolution Mitigating Storage Costs

Our investment in a centralized Towing and Storage Resolution (TSR) team in Canada is helping service our clients more effectively. IAA’s TSR experts are well versed in towing/storage by-laws and negotiate with shops on your behalf, mitigating any further unnecessary storage charges and delays.

Driving Seller Returns & Reducing Cycle Times

IAA Early Tow and Appraisal™ Service Frees Up Client Staff

IAA performs more than 25,000 appraisals annually at all major IAA locations across Canada using our exclusive ETA (Early Tow and Appraisal) service. Our ETA service helps providers free up internal appraisal staff to perform shop audits and estimates on repairable units.

Complementary IAA I-Tow™ Moves Repairable Units Where They Need To Be

IAA I-Tow is a complementary service that moves repairable units from shop to shop or from an owner’s residence to the shop. Our IAA Seller Portal™ gives great visibility for adjusters once the vehicle has been assigned. It provides the ability to track pick-ups and deliveries, along with viewing photos through the IAA Tow App.

IAA Offers Numerous Client Integrations

IAA’s client systems are flexible, allowing numerous integrations. We work with partners and individual customers to ensure you have the integrations you need. A few of our integrations include:

  • Assignment API

  • Tow Assignment API

  • Assignment Update

  • Life Cycle Updates

  • Single Sign-On for Seller Portal

  • User Maintenance API

  • Guidewire Accelerator

Happy New Year and thank you for your business!

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Blair Earle,
Managing Director, Canada

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