Have you ever wondered what it is like when IAA attends a large trade show? The 2019 SEMA Show is a true example of IAA teamwork and dedication when different departments collaborate. This is a large-scale logistical effort that draws support from teams across our organization to make IAA shine and draw in crowds of future, potential IAA buyers from around the globe!

Pre-Show Setup

The day before the show opens there is still a lot of work to get done. Often times, the booth is being unpacked, built and labor crews are on-site to ensure everything is set and ready to go. At SEMA, show vehicles are arriving and needing to be moved in place, around freight and equipment on the floor. We also have a team of booth staff on-site to help set-up, go over show talking points and prepare for the week ahead.

The Show Begins!

The SEMA Show is hosted annually by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and boasts more than 70,000 buyers from every segment of the specialty equipment industry. Additionally, there are over 2,400 exhibitors on the floor and tons of media coverage and celebrity appearances. This year, #TeamIAA spread the message: "Bid. Buy. Rebuild." and the buyers responded! We spent time explaining how IAA works as vehicle marketplace to connect buyers and sellers, how our, mobile platform and branded sales like RecRides™ are designed for the buyers, and showcasing a BMW i8 (Daenerys) rebuilt with IAA influencer Rich Rebuilds, a buyer and a fan of IAA with a YouTube following of over 590,000+ subscribers. After four full days of discussions, demos and laughter, the IAA SEMA team brought in thousands of show leads of potential and current buyers, providers, transporters, collaborators and schools. The possibilities for IAA are endless in the industry and we came to SEMA with a mission to prove just that. We came away with endless ideas, new insight to our buyers and our brands, and a renewed energy to continue our mission of being an innovative, industry-leading vehicle marketplace.

That's a Wrap!

After a long, successful and busy week, the IAA team wrapped the show on Friday, November 8, 2019. The BMW i8 will return to Rich and his garage. The Polaris RZR will be headed for auction soon. The Buyer Marketing and Buyer Development team are busy working on lead follow-up and discussion. This is a huge effort and thank you to all who supported us as well as those who stopped by our booth! We’ll see you at SEMA next year. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates.

Watch the Rebuild Video