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      How does I-bid LIVE work?

      I-bid LIVE enables registered Buyers to join a live auction through any Internet connection and bid in real time along with the live local bidders and other internet bidders.

      To bid in real time, registered Buyers must log in to the IAA Auction Center and click on an I-bid LIVE icon just before or during a live auction. Once connected, the Bidder's Screen will provide all of the information needed to bid in real time along with the live local auction.

      How long does it take to register?

      Guest Registration:Once you submit the online form, you will receive your password to the Auction Center via the email you provide.

      Licensed Business Buyer/ Public Buyer/ Additional Bidder Registration: Upon receipt of your registration materials, we will review the documents for completeness and eligibility. Please keep in mind that we receive many registration requests and process them as quickly as possible in the order they are received.

      How do I contact IAA?

      IAA has a team of people dedicated to helping buyers. Buyer Services can answer any questions regarding registration, our website, or any matters relating to your account.

      What is I-Pay?

      I-Pay is a service that enables qualified Buyers with company check-writing privileges to make payments to IAA via the Internet. This convenient, secure tool is available to domestic Licensed Business Buyers with a U.S. bank account. After logging in to the Auction Center, you can make payments directly from your U.S. based bank account. To be eligible for company check-writing privileges, you must have a bank approval letter on file with IAA. Buyer Services