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Main Contact: Irakli Kukhianidze
Phone: Georgia: 032 211 07 11, +995 577 32 09 09 (cell phone) , USA: 973-343-6282
Email Address:
Location: Tbilisi(Georgia)
Additional Info:
ჩვენ გვყავს ოფიციალური წარმომადგენელი საქართველოში რომლის მეშვეობითაც შეგიძლიათ შეიძინოთ ავტომობილი ჩვენს აუქციონზე, მოახდინოთ მისი ტრანსპორტირება საქართველოში და მიიღოთ სხვა დამატებითი სერვისები, რაც ავტომობილის შეძენისთვის და მისი აშშ-დან ტრანსპორტირებისთვის იქნება საჭირო.
IAA Motors has been the authorized representative of IAA in Georgia since 2011. Established in 2004, we have offices in Georgia (Tbilisi, Batumi, Poti,Kareli,Gori,Telavi), Belarus (Minsk), Moldova (Kishinev) and USA (NJ). We can help you find the right vehicle, create an individual account for wholesale buyers, coordinate domestic transport services between auction location and loading Port’s (NJ, GA, FL,TX, CA). We help with container loading and preparing Export Customs Clearance documentation. We provide Port and Customs Clearance services in Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia. is a website that can help buyers to locate and buy vehicles from IAA. No dealer license required. Dedicated live support is available by phone, or by Facebook online support. Call to our expert staff to help you select the right vehicle from IAA and deliver it to your door.
Branches / Bidding Centers / ???????:
Head Office / ????? ?????: 032 2 11 07 11 , +995 577 32 09 09, 032 2 38 89 95
For Regional offices in Georgia / ??????????? ???????: 032 2 11 07 11, ext. # 9
IAA Motors Tegeta office / ??? ?????? ??????: 032 299 40 40
IAA Motors Belarus: +375 297 52 22 25
USA, New Jersey: +1 973-343-6282

Broker Fees

Registration: $0.00
Security Deposit: $1,000.00
Transaction: $200.00

Forms of Payment Accepted

Cards: No
Checks: No
Other: Bank wire transfer

Additional Services Offered

IAA Authorized Representative in Georgia. No dealer license required. One call does it all for "DOOR-TO-DOOR " service. We will purchase any stock from IAA for you and deliver it to any country in the world. Required deposit is 10% of the maximum bid amount, but no less than $500 per vehicle.

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