IAA Transport™ Vehicle Delivery

IAA Transport™ makes it easy to receive a quote and arrange door-to-door vehicle delivery with real-time status tracking to all domestic U.S. and select international locations. 

IAA Transport™ saves you time with door-to-door vehicle delivery coordinated completely online via IAAI.com or the IAA Buyer App. You’ll skip the phone calls, avoid accumulating storage fees and move directly to shipping options at checkout. We’ll keep you informed during every stage of the delivery process with real-time status updates so you can keep track of your vehicle. 

There are no hidden costs with IAA Transport. Calculate a delivery quote on every Vehicle Details page prior to purchasing so you’ll know how much you’ll pay to ship your vehicle to your desired location. After winning the vehicle, select your IAA Transport option, pay online, and we’ll get your vehicle moving. 

How to Add IAA Transport

Adding IAA’s transportation solution is fast and easy during checkout or after completing payment of your won vehicles. Whether it’s short-haul, long-haul or select international services, IAA Transport has you covered. You can also receive a FREE quote on a Vehicle Details page.  

Adding IAA Transport via IAAI.com 
  1. When you head to checkout, go to the “To Be Paid” section under “Won Vehicles,” vehicles eligible for IAA Transport will show a box for you to click and select IAA Transport. Then, simply enter your preferred address and quickly receive a rate quote so you can bundle both payments together and handle them in one convenient step. 

  2. If you wish to add IAA Transport after completing payment of a won vehicle, go to the “To Be Picked Up” section under "Won Vehicles” and select the vehicles that need to be transported. 

  3. You can track your delivery in “Won Vehicles” > “To Be Picked Up” > “Delivery.” 

Adding IAA Transport via the IAA Buyer App 
  1. Visit “My Account” and the “To Be Paid” section under “Post Sale,” select your payment method, select the stock(s), update your sale document instructions, and add IAA Transport.  

  2. If you wish to add IAA Transport after completing payment of a won vehicle, go to “My Account” and then the “To Be Picked Up” section under “Post Sale,” select the “Owner Pickup” tab. Vehicles eligible for IAA Transport will show a box for you to click and “Add Delivery.” You will be provided with a delivery estimate and the option to set and apply your payment.

  3. You can track your delivery in “My Account” > “To Be Picked Up” > “Delivery.” You can also visit “My Account” > “Purchase History” > “Track Shipment.”   

Auto Tow Service - Streamline the Process

If your desired drop-off location is within a branch’s local service territory, you’re eligible for our convenient and efficient Auto Tow service. Auto Tow coordinates your door-to-door IAA Transport delivery to your preferred location automatically. Simply add Auto Tow to your account by calling 855.694.7502 or emailing iaatransport@iaai.com and you'll receive each purchased vehicle at the same location once activated. It's the most efficient way to transport your vehicles locally.

Additional IAA Transport Information

A note for international deliveries: Please be aware that ancillary fees may be charged at the port of entry associated with port storage, duties, taxes or other customs requirements. These ancillary fees are outside of IAA’s control and are mandated by state and federal entities.

A note for port deliveries: Buyers transporting to a port with a final destination location in a country currently not supported by IAA Transport will need to provide IAA Transport a Dock Receipt at the time of order. Dock Receipts should be emailed to IAATransport@iaai.com.

A note for all deliveries: Buyer is responsible for unloading the vehicle from the Carrier. IAA and the Carrier will rely upon the delivery information provided by Buyer at the time of order. The Carrier will attempt to notify Buyer of delivery approximately 12 to 24 hours prior to the actual delivery. If Buyer is not available at delivery, or when the Carrier contacts Buyer, the vehicle will be delivered to a terminal at the discretion of IAA or the Carrier. Buyer will be charged extra for storage and re-delivery. Should any of the delivery information change prior to delivery or be inaccurate, Buyer must notify IAA at least 2 hours prior to estimated delivery. IAA reserves the right to refuse service, if modified at any time. In the event this information is not relayed to IAA and the Carrier attempts a drop off, Buyer is responsible for paying for any dry run and/or re-delivery fees.

Cancellation Policy: Buyer agrees to pay IAA a Dry Run fee equal to 1) $150.00 if transportation distance is 0-1,000 miles or 2) $250.00 if transportation distance is 1,001 miles or greater if Shipper cancels an order for transportation or redirects the order to a different location after 11:59.59 PM ET two calendar days before pickup.  As an example, if the scheduled pickup date is July 10th, then the cancellation must occur before 11:59.59 PM ET on July 8th to avoid a Dry Run Fee.  Should Buyer need to alter or cancel transportation after pickup, Buyer must pay the current transportation fee, plus the fee for the new transportation quote.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, should IAA fail to meet the agreed-upon pickup time, and Buyer then decides to cancel transportation, IAA shall not be due a Dry Run fee.

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