Linking Your AuctionACCESS and IAA Accounts

Link Your AuctionACCESS Credentials

To streamline the IAA buyer experience, we provide seamless integration of your existing AuctionACCESS credentials into your IAA account profile. IAA is the first in the salvage auction industry to enable this convenient feature to save our buyers time updating documentation and managing their accounts. 

What Are the Benefits

IAA offers U.S.-based buyers with a dealer license the ability to link their IAA and AuctionACCESS accounts, allowing them to bid on dealer-eligible vehicles with AuctionACCESS credentials.     

Buyers who link their accounts can manage their bidding credentials all in one place. Instead of updating a new dealer license with IAA and AuctionACCESS, simply update with AuctionACCESS and let the data automatically flow into IAA’s systems, making it easier to provide documentation and renew your IAA membership.  

About AuctionACCESS

AuctionACCESS is a leading vehicle dealer credentialing system for the wholesale auto auction industry in North America. AuctionACCESS provides security and convenience by limiting wholesale access to licensed, credentialed vehicle dealers and their authorized representatives. IAA is the first in the salvage auction industry to offer this feature to its dealer buyers. To sign up for AuctionACCESS or to manage your existing account and documents, visit or download the AuctionACCESS app on your mobile device. 

How Does It Work

Eligible buyers will see the option for AuctionACCESS under “Licenses & Documents” in their profile. Simply log in to your IAA account, select “Profile” and then “Licenses & Documents.”

To link an account, a logged-in licensed business owner needs to:

  • Provide their nine-digit AuctionACCESS membership number that begins with “10.”

  • And the last 4 characters of the ID they provided to AuctionACCESS. For US-based buyers, this is typically the last 4 digits of your Photo ID number.

Log in to Link Your AuctionACCESS Account

How to Locate AuctionACCESS Credentials

Locate your AuctionACCESS Credentials

Membership Number: A buyer’s AuctionACCESS membership number, also known as the 100 million number, can be easily found on their AuctionACCESS Mobile Card (directly under their name), which appears upon logging in to the AuctionACCESS Mobile App. The number can also be found by logging into and clicking “Profile.” 

Last 4 Photo ID: This is the last 4 numbers of the photo ID that is on file with their AuctionACCESS account.

Frequently Asked Questions