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Vehicle Information

  • Stock #: 34770057
  • Selling Branch: Detroit (MI)
  • VIN (Status): 1G1AY8789C5****** (OK)
  • Loss: Collision
  • Primary Damage: Left Front
  • Secondary Damage: Mechanical
  • Title/Sale Doc: CLEAR (Michigan)
  • Start Code: Run & Drive
  • Key: Present
  • Odometer: 43,585 mi (Not Required/Exempt)
  • Airbags: None
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Vehicle Description

  • VIN (Status): 1G1AY8789C5****** (OK)
  • Vehicle: Automobile
  • Body Style: COUPE 2 DOOR
  • Engine: 5.7L V8 FI OHV F
  • Transmission: Unknown
  • Drive Line Type: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Cylinders: 8 Cylinders
  • Exterior/Interior: White/ Unknown
  • Options: Console Display
  • Manufactured In: United States
  • Vehicle Class: Luxury Sport
  • Model: CORVETTE
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Bid Information

In Progress

Sale Information

  • Selling Branch: Detroit (MI)
  • Vehicle Location:
    At the branch
  • Auction Date and Time: Thu Feb 2, 8:30am (CST)
  • Lane/Run #: B - #54
  • Aisle/Stall: GA - 2
  • Actual Cash Value: $16,744 USD
  • Estimated Repair Cost: $13,916 USD
  • Seller: ******
  • Title/Sale Doc: CLEAR (Michigan)

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