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How do I register?

At IAA, you can register as a licensed business, a public buyer or a guest.

  • Licensed Business Buyer Registration:Buyers that hold the appropriate license for purchasing vehicles in their state may register by completing the online form and then submitting the necessary documents via fax, e-mail or mail. If you are not sure, contact Buyer Services to see if you have the appropriate license to purchase in your state.
  • Public Buyer Registration:Buyers that do not have a dealer or auto recycling license but still want to purchase in states that allow public buying may register by completing the online form and then submitting the necessary documents via fax, e-mail or mail. Contact Buyer Services to verify if public buying is allowed in your state.
  • Guest Registration:To view our auctions as a guest, complete the online form and submit your email address. You will be given the ability to view auctions without the ability to bid.
To learn more about our various registration types, please go to our Registration Page.

Can I inspect vehicles prior to auction?

Yes. Preview dates and times are identified on the Branch Information page for each auction facility.

What is the process to bid and purchase a vehicle?

  • Register as a Buyer with IAA.
  • Search for and research the vehicles you want to buy.
  • Use any of our flexible bidding options to participate at the auctions where you meet licensing requirements. Or, purchase any vehicle from the I-Buy Fast list.
  • When you purchase a vehicle, pay with any of our flexible payment options.
  • Claim your vehicle and transport it yourself, or use the services of one of the transportation and shipping vendors listed on our site for your convenience.

How do I bid on vehicles that have been set for sale?

At IAA, we offer flexible bidding options:

  • Proxy Bidding: Pre-bid online up to ONE HOUR (local time) before the auction with proxy representation of the winning pre-bid at the live auction.
  • Live Bidding: Bid live, in person, at any of our nationwide auction facilities where you meet licensing requirements.
  • Live-Online: Bid online as the live auction takes place with I-bid LIVEsm. I-Bid Live VIDEO
  • I-Buy Fastsm: Purchase vehicles instantly online for a set price up to 8:00 p.m. the night before the next auction. I-Buy Fast VIDEO