You have flexibility in the way you buy. When it comes to bidding at an auction, IAA gives you a few different options for your convenience.


Participate in a classic auction experience by attending a live auction at one of our 190+ locations in North America. Registered buyers can bid on a vehicle as it comes up for auction.

  • Preview vehicles before they go up for auction.

  • Interact with the IAA community of staff and buyers throughout the auction.

  • Take a complete look at the inventory being featured.

  • Get a sneak peek at upcoming auction inventory.


If you can't make it to a physical location, you won't miss out. Thanks to technology these days, you can join an auction through IAA's online bidding platform to participate before and during a live auction.

  • Click through vehicle details and images as the vehicle is being auctioned.

  • Get access to auctions through any internet-connected device, from anywhere.

  • Online bidders have the perk of bidding in multiple auctions at once.

  • IAA's extensive online services and tools help you manage your bids and purchased vehicles.

By Proxy

Before the auction, you can place a pre-bid on a vehicle. The highest pre-bid will be represented by proxy at the auction.

  • If you can't attend an auction onsite or online, securing a proxy bid gives you the opportunity to buy a vehicle anyway.

  • You can set pre-bids on any amount of vehicles up to an hour before the auction.

  • Track the status of your pre-bid.


Registered buyers can use the IAA Buyer app for mobile devices to place bids before and during the auction, providing our buyers with a convenient and flexible option.

  • Whether you're out and about or just at home, you have access to our auctions from anywhere.

  • The IAA Buyer app is available for Apple and Android.

  • It's also available for use with an Apple Watch.

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If you prefer to stay hands off for the bidding process, we can connect you to a licensed broker who can bid on your behalf.

  • You'll have an experienced buyer bidding for you.

  • Our network of brokers are licensed to purchase any type of vehicle.

  • Brokers can also assist you with arranging domestic and international vehicle transport.

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