IAA Transport™ Frequently Asked Questions

IAA Transport is a convenient, cost-effective delivery solution for vehicles purchased at IAA. Answers to commonly raised questions are listed below.

General Questions

What is IAA Transport?

IAA Transport is an all-in-one vehicle transportation solution. Buyers can now buy, pay for and transport their vehicles in one place, saving time and money.

Why should I use IAA Transport?

Save money by eliminating additional storage fees and receiving free expedited title delivery. Save time by using IAAI.com to transport and pay for your vehicle at once. You can even finance the vehicle and transportation online through AFC.

What type of vehicles can be delivered using IAA Transport?

At this time, IAA Transport only allows automobiles to be delivered. Power Sports, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Heavy Duty Trucks, Buses, Trailers, etc. do not qualify for shipping.

What branch locations offer the IAA Transport service?

IAA Transport is available at branches in all states in the continental U.S. except: Wyoming and Utah. IAA does not currently provide service to the Georgia Port Authority – Ocean Terminal port in Savannah, Georgia or the Red Hook Terminal in New Jersey. For additional information on shipping to ports please contact our Buyer Services at 855-694-7502 or 708-572-0586.

How far does IAA Transport deliver?

IAA can deliver your automobile to any residential or business location within the continental United States.

If my vehicle is inoperable, can IAA transport it?

Yes, IAA can accommodate your request for damaged or non-running vehicles.

How To Use IAA Transport

1. Log into My Auction Center and select the "Won Vehicles" option from the drop down menu

2. Select one or more vehicles to be paid and select "Proceed To Checkout"

3. Select "Yes" when promoted to include delivery from IAA Transport

4. Destination quotes will be automatically generated if you have a valid business address located in the continental U.S. listed on your account 

5. If you'd like to select a different location select "Add New Address" to receive a real-time quote for delivery

6. Once you are ready to proceed select "Proceed to Checkout" again to select your payment options and finalize your transaction 


How can I purchase IAA Transport and what payment methods are accepted? At this time, Transportation can be obtained solely through IAAI.com.

  • AFC customers can add Transportation to their financing at the time of checkout (payment of the vehicle).

  • Buyers with access to I-Pay & Credit Card can add Transportation to their cart at the time of checkout or after the vehicle has been paid for (prior to pickup).

  • All account owners have access on IAAI.com to create an Invoice. While most commonly used for purposes of sending wire transfers, the ‘Wire Transfer (Print Invoice)’ option at the time of checkout allows the buyer to add Transportation charges to their account. Once added on IAAI.com via this method, the buyer can pay for the fees in person at the branch.

Please Note: Items for which a partial payment has been made do not qualify for IAA Transport.

What if I want to cancel Transportation services that I added?

  • If you used the ‘Wire Transfer (Print Invoice)’ option at the time of checkout and the Transportation fees have not yet been paid, please contact Buyer Services at (855) 694-7502 or (708) 572-0586 to remove the fee so that the vehicle(s) can be paid for without Transportation.

  • If you have paid for the Transportation fee, but the vehicle has not yet been picked up, please contact Buyer Services at (855) 694-7502 or (708) 572-0586.

Please Note: When Transportation Services are cancelled, original Storage fees are automatically applied. This safeguards the system from being taken advantage of while transportation arrangements are being made. In the rare event that IAA is not able to provide the services, exceptions will be made.

What if I want to pay for IAA Transport at a later time? You can pay for IAA Transport after you’ve made payment for a vehicle by logging into your IAA account and returning to the pick-up page. Any unpaid salvage/storage fees must be paid along with associated transportation fee.

Do I need to sign any paperwork? Yes, a one-time agreement between you and IAA is required to be signed online for your first purchase of IAA Transport.

Do I still have to pay storage when I use IAA Transport? Once payment has been made, no additional storage will be accrued. If transportation is cancelled before pick up, storage fees will be retroactively incurred.


How long will it take for my vehicles to be picked up? The normal pick-up window is within 3 business days. However, in some remote areas, pick-up may take longer. Please be aware that all pick-up dates are estimated. IAA does not guarantee an exact pick-up date and time but we do guarantee that storage charges do not apply.

How long will it take for my vehicles to be delivered? An estimated delivery date will be provided at the time of payment. The normal delivery window is 1-7 days. However, in some remote areas, delivery times may take longer. Please note all delivery dates are estimated, and IAA does not guarantee an exact delivery date and time.

How can I track the delivery status of my vehicles? You can log into your account on IAAI.com and navigate to the Pick Up page found under the Won Vehicles section of My Auction Center.

What happens if I am not available to receive my vehicle when it arrives? Please contact Buyer Services at (855) 694-7502 or (708) 572-0586 to arrange an alternate delivery time.

How many vehicles can I have delivered? For all vehicles that qualify for shipping, IAA will accommodate delivery needs.

Will the driver unload my vehicle(s)? The customer is responsible for arranging proper loading/unloading equipment at destination locations.

Can I have a vehicle delivered to my residence? Delivery to a residential area is possible only if there are no legal restrictions and if space large enough to accommodate the transportation vehicle is available, e.g. if semi-trucks regularly pass through your street, then it might be possible to unload by your residence.

What happens if I receive my vehicle without the keys? Please contact our Buyer Services department at (855) 694-7502 or (708) 572-0586.


Is the vehicle insured while being transported? Yes, transported vehicles are insured.

What if I believe my vehicle was damaged during transport? Please contact Buyer Services at (855) 694-7502 or (708) 572-0586, who handles all Transportation claims.


How will I receive my titles? You can instruct IAA to deliver your titles by logging on to your account and accessing the Sale Document Instructions page under Won Vehicles. We recommend that you instruct IAA to Fedex your title, at no additional charge, and have the confidence that you will receive your documents on time.

Additional Information

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact Buyer Services at (855) 694-7502 or (708) 572-0586. They provide assistance to buyers in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Polish and Chinese, and can answer any questions you might have about this hassle-free service. Talk to an Agent 855.694.7502

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