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Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) is a leading auto auction company selling all kinds of cars, trucks, SUV's and motorcycles. We combine live auctions with live internet bidding to sell drivable vehicles, lightly damaged and repairable vehicles, theft recovered vehicles, parts vehicles and donation vehicles at over 150 auction centers across the United States.

IAA has a team of people dedicated to helping buyers. Buyer Services can answer any questions regarding registration, our website, or any matters relating to your account.

Search for vehicles, then register as a buyer or work with a licensed broker. A “New To IAA?” page is available to introduce our services, provide video tutorials and simplify the registration process.

  • ACV - Actual Cash Value (ACV) is the estimated retail value of a vehicle if it were in an undamaged condition. This information is based on industry resources such a Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, or an independent valuation service.
  • Additional Bidders - Additional bidders are Employees, Brokers/Agents, or Partners who are authorized to bid under the owner’s account. The owner is responsible for the actions of his additional bidders.
  • Broker/Agent - When a business does not pay taxes on wages earned, this person is considered a broker/agent.
  • Employees - An additional bidder that has a tax relationship to the business. If the business pays taxes on wages earned, this additional bidder is considered an employee.
  • Partners - Many businesses legally have more than one owner. With IAA all owners of a business are considered partners, except for the primary owner.
  • Primary Owner - A primary owner is a legal owner of the business. In the case where there is more than one owner, the primary owner is the partner that signs the registration documents and assumes responsibility for the account. There can only be one primary owner per business account. When a business has several partners, the partners must decide who should act as the primary owner with IAA. The primary owners’ unique login allows them to manage all additional bidder access to the Auction Center. Managing includes giving and removing permissions at any time, removing an additional bidder all together, registering new bidders and renewing existing ones via the Internet. The $200 annual registration fee activates the primary owner. If the primary owner on an account is inactive, the additional bidders are blocked from placing bids. This means when renewal time comes around, it is imperative to renew the primary owner so that the renewal of the additional bidders is not affected.
  • Sale Document – A sale documents is the legal document that a vehicle is sold with, i.e., salvage title. TBD - To Be Determined.
  • Insurance Total Loss Sellers: If you represent an insurance company and would like to sell a total loss vehicle, please contact our corporate office 800-821-4596 or via email at
  • Vehicle Consignments, Rental or Fleet Sellers: To consign a vehicle please contact our National Remarketing Center at 888-839-4220 or

IAA purchases vehicles from U.S. households. I want IAA to buy my car.

  • Title must be free and clear.
  • Limit one per household.
  • Not available in all areas

To get help with any trouble you experience with the Auction Center, please contact Buyer Services.