Denver East (CO)

Driving Directions

Start out going north on Pena Blvd toward Pena Blvd W. Take Pena Blvd toward Arrivals/Valet & Short Term Parking. Turn slight right to stay on Pena Blvd. Take the Airport Blvd/40th Avenue exit toward I-70 E/Aurora. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. Stay straight to go onto Airport Blvd. Make a U-turn onto Airport Blvd. Merge onto I-70 W/US-36 W via the ramp on the left. Keep right to take I-270 W/US-36 W via EXIT 279A toward Ft Collins/Boulder. Take the US-85 N/Vasquez Blvd/CO-2 N exit, EXIT 2B. Stay straight to go onto Vasquez Blvd/US-85 N/US-6 E/CO-2. Continue to follow Vasquez Blvd/US-85 N/US-6 E. E 77th Ave is 0.3 miles past E 74th Ave. If you reach I-76 E you've gone about 0.9 miles too far. Take the 1st left onto Brighton Rd. If you reach Hollywood St you've gone a little too far. 8510 BRIGHTON RD is on the right.

Nearby Branches

Branch Notes

The weather and other factors determine if the vehicles will be driven during the run and drive portion of the live sale. Off site units sold under run numbers 500's,Run and Drive and 2000's for Stationaries. IAA defines a run and drive vehicle as one that was started upon arrival at our branch AT CHECK IN. Units may not start or run drive during the screen sale but were deemed run and drive at the time of check in. ALL UNITS WILL BE SOLD ON SCREEN FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE WINTER MONTHS. IAA DENVER EAST DOES NOT GUARANTEE KEYS. Buyers must provide their own method of load out for the 4000 Specialty Units and fees may be included at load out. Buyers please note and inform your transports that the yard closes at 4:30pm mountain time, the last pull out will be accepted and processed at 4:15pm, any pull out after the 4:15pm completed the following business day.

Vehicle Preview

Buyers are not permitted to start cars, remove keys and or any item(s)from the vehicles. Effective 8/30/2016 the sale pad will now be closed for preview at 8:30am prior to sale for necessary auction preparations.

Vehicles for each auction may be previewed prior to the sale and only those vehicles assigned for that sale.


The following are standard payment options: In Person: Cash, Credit Card (less than $250) or Certified Check., Online : I-Pay (Licensed Business Buyer) or Wire Transfer

Days to Pay

Domestic Buyer: Day vehicle was awarded + 2 day(s)
Foreign Buyer: Day vehicle was awarded + 4 day(s)

Payment is due by 4:30PM branch local time on payment due date
Late Fee: $50.00 or 2% ( whichever is greater)

Vehicle Pickup

Mon - Fri 8am - 4:30pm (MT)

Our yard closes earlier than the offices to allow extra time for pullout/loading.

Days to Pick up

Domestic and Foreign Buyer
Number of free storage days:: Day vehicle was awarded + 4 day(s)

Payment is due by 4:30PM branch local time on payment due date
Storage Fee: $40.00


Branch Notes: Weekly auctions on Tuesdays at 09:00 AM MT

Upcoming Main Auctions:

Tue 26
Tue 2
Item Sequence Description
1 - 999 Run & Drive®
1000 - 1999 Motorcycles & Motorsports
3000 - 3999 Stationary Vehicles
4000 & up Specialty & Miscellaneous