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Rental Rides

Rental Rides, ME Insurance Auto Auctions

IAA Online Exclusive Auction

Online Exclusive auctions are online sales of units that are physically located at other IAA branch locations or offsite storage locations. Standard payment and storage timelines apply to Online Exclusive units. Please consider the location of the vehicle you plan to bid on, title type, payment obligation and time required for transportation.

Branch Notes

Rental Rides Auctions every Monday 200+ Enterprise vehicles. IAA Promotion: For the month of July 2020 every vehicle includes: 24-hour limited warranty, Waived vehicle storage up to 14 days, Credit processing fees waived when using your floor financing plan and Transportation Assistance: Buy 5 vehicles, get $50 per unit, Buy 10 or more vehicles, get $100 per unit(max $1,000). Limited one offer per account per sale date.

Vehicle Preview

If the vehicle is located at an IAA branch, refer to that branch's Vehicle Preview days and times. If the vehicle is located at a non-IAA offsite location, there is no vehicle preview.


The following are standard payment options: In Person: Cash, Credit Card (less than $250) or Certified Check., Online : I-Pay (Licensed Business Buyer) or Wire Transfer

Days to Pay

Domestic Buyer: Day vehicle was awarded + 2 day(s)
Foreign Buyer: Day vehicle was awarded + 4 day(s)

Payment is due by 4:30PM branch local time on payment due date
Late Fee: $50.00 or 2% ( whichever is greater)

Vehicle Pickup

Mon - Fri 8am - 4:30pm (CT)

Our yard closes earlier than the offices to allow extra time for pullout/loading.

Days to Pick up

Domestic and Foreign Buyer
Number of free storage days: Day vehicle was awarded + 13 day(s)

Payment is due by 4:30PM branch local time on payment due date
Storage Fee:


Branch Notes: Every Monday at 11:00AM CT

Upcoming Main Auctions:

Mon 17
Item Sequence Description
1 - 9999 All types of vehicles numbered sequentially. You will continue receiving upcoming vehicle alerts.