IAA Buyer Fees

Standard IAA buyer fees are calculated based on final sale price, license type, and volume of inventory purchased. IAA buyer fee structures are broken down by segment – IAA Licensed Buyer, IAA Non-Licensed Buyer, IAA Heavy Vehicle Buyer, and IAA Rec Rides Buyer.

Fee Explanation

The following contains information regarding a fee structure update. IAA will continue to offer the industry's leading digital research and bidding tools, along with the most flexible and efficient buying platform.

IAA will offer an updated fee schedule beginning September 20, 2021, with most fees decreasing or not changing. We remain committed to providing a world-class buying experience, including:


  • Continuing to offer our digital, ecommerce marketplace connecting buyers to sellers.
    • Enabling buyers to research, bid and buy vehicles from anywhere in the world using digital technologies and IAA Interact™, our in-depth vehicle detail platform.
    • Mobility through the IAA Buyer App with features that make buying from IAA convenient.
    • Transporting vehicles using IAA Transport™