Impact Interact™ Merchandising Platform

In today’s digital environment, tools and information that provide transparency are critical. Impact’s goal is to mirror the in-person auction experience with innovative digital tools. Our new Impact Interact platform is revolutionizing the salvage auction industry and giving buyers unmatched research tools and improved purchasing guidance.

IAA-Interact Horizontal View US

Impact 360 View™, Impact Engine Starts™ video and Impact Key Image™ are featured tools on our Impact Interact™ platform, giving buyers the necessary imagery, information, and personalization to be confident with their purchase. 

Impact 360 View™

The salvage auction industry’s most innovative digital tool that puts buyers inside and next to every vehicle to help them bid efficiently and purchase confidently. Powered by SpinCar’s virtual photo imagery technology, 360 View provides online vehicle buyers with a 360° viewing experience for both the vehicle exterior and interior. 

Impact Interior Exterior View Image

Impact 360 View puts buyers in control of vehicle assessment, digitally simulating the in-person auction experience with high-quality imagery featuring zoom capability on every aspect of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Buyers can also spin the image in a complete circle to fully view the exterior and a panorama of the vehicle interior. 

Impact Key Image™

Impact Key Image™ provides high-quality photos showing the key(s) or fob condition and type. All vehicles checked into an Impact site with a key(s) or fob will include an image on individual vehicle detail pages. With this feature, buyers can assess the value of a vehicle and bid with confidence. 

Impact Key Images Graphic

Impact Engine Starts™

Impact Engine Starts™ features a 10-second, under-the-hood video with full sound for buyers to assess the engine’s condition as it operates and runs.  

Impact Engine Starts VehicleDetails V2

Impact Engine Starts™ gives buyers the capability to see and hear a vehicle’s engine from anywhere, at any time. This feature is available on vehicle detail pages for units with an engine that starts. 

Listen and watch prior to bidding.