IAA Canada Timed Auctions™ FAQs

See some of the more commonly asked questions on IAA Timed Auctions below.

IAA Canada Timed Auctions FAQs

What is a Timed Auction?

Timed Auctions is an online-only, fully automated auction available to buyers with access to ca.iaai.com Timed Auctions has a set closing time attached to each stock file and applicable bidding buttons for buyers to place bids and stay aware of their win /loss state. With bidding automation built into the application, buyers can simply place their maximum bid and let the system bid on their behalf until the time to closing clock reaches zero.

Can I bid for a Timed Auctions vehicle at an IAA branch?

Bidding for vehicles in Timed Auctions can only be done online – desktop or mobile.

Is an auctioneer used for Timed Auctions?

Timed Auctions is a 100% online auction. There are no onsite buyers or auctioneer.

Do I have to refresh the page while bidding through Timed Auctions?

Timed Auctions page(s) will refresh automatically for any vehicle with less than 60 minutes remaining until its closing time.

What type of cars are available through Timed Auctions?

All vehicles will be offered on Timed Auctions.

Can I cancel a bid?

No. Once you place a maximum bid on a Timed Auctions vehicle, the bid is final. If you win the vehicle, you will be responsible for payment and pick up.

How can Timed Auctions help me save time?

A traditional live sale often takes several hours, and as a buyer, you need to watch the entire auction. Alternatively, a Timed Auctions will display a specific closing time for each vehicle. This gives the buyer the added flexibility in managing their time.

What if I already placed a bid through live auction? Can I still place a bid on Timed Auctions?

A vehicle cannot be in both a live and Timed Auctions at the same time.

Is there maximum number of vehicles I can watch at a time?

5,000 is the maximum number of watched vehicles per user.

Will buyers be able to view these vehicles at the yard locations?

Due to the nature of Timed Auctions being daily, please contact your local IAA branch for previewing opportunities.

Will these vehicles be sold as the same time as the sale day for the facility?

No. Timed Auctions can take place at any point in time.

Will Timed Auctions vehicles ever be put through normal sales?

If a Timed Auctions vehicle does not receive a high bid that meets the reserve price, the vehicle may be auctioned in a future live sale or added to buy now.

Will payment be able to be made at branch at time of pick up?

Yes. Payment is available at all IAA branches during business hours and online.

If the vehicle is damaged or not correctly advertised, will IAA buy the vehicle back?

All standard auction rules and policies apply to Timed Auctions.