IAA Local Tow™️

Fast, affordable vehicle delivery within 100 miles of an IAA branch saves you valuable time and additional storage fees after purchasing your vehicle. Scheduling an IAA Local Tow™️ is easy. Simply contact your local IAA branch, or call us at (847) 496-9301.

IAA Local Tow

IAA Local Tow offers efficient vehicle delivery and competitive rates while saving you the hassle of a pickup. We leverage a network of experienced drivers who bring the vehicle to your desired location within three business days of purchase. The vehicle’s title and keys are always guaranteed if they’re in our possession. And once an IAA Local Tow is arranged, storage fees stop accruing.

Call (847) 496-9301 to receive a free quote

Local Tow Features

Preferred Location

Call IAA Local Tow’s support number or contact your local IAA branch to save a preferred vehicle delivery location other than your business, within 100 miles of a branch. 

Auto Tow 

Arrange for IAA Local Tow™ to deliver every vehicle you purchase to your preferred location automatically. Simply add Auto Tow to your account by calling (847)496-9301, and you’ll receive each purchased vehicle at the same location once activated. 

Local Tow FAQs

  1. What is IAA Local Tow?
    IAA’s transportation solution for hauls up to 100 miles from an IAA Branch*.
  2. How can I request an IAA Local Tow?   
    You may request a Local Tow by calling the IAA Branch where the vehicle is located or by calling the IAA Local Tow line at (847)496-9301.
  3. What if my tow doesn’t qualify for IAA Local Tow?
    If your tow is outside of the IAA Branch delivery zone, or otherwise cannot be executed, visit the Instant Transport Quote page. Instant Transport Quote gives you a transportation quote to destinations greater than 100 miles.  
  4. What vehicle types are eligible for Local Tow?
    This service is currently only available for automobiles, motorcycles, or light duty trucks. 
  5. Does Local Tow deliver to ports if they are located within 100 miles from the branch?
    No, we are currently not delivering to ports.
  6. Who can I contact with any questions or concerns about Local Tow?
    Please contact your local IAA Branch or call (847)496-9301 for any questions or with any questions. 
  7. How do I set up Auto Tow?
    To setup Auto Tow, call an IAA branch and ask for Auto Tow to be added to your account. Auto Tow can be set up at any branch. If you buy at multiple branches, Auto Tow needs to be added to each branch where you would like to use this feature. Once enabled, a tow fee will be automatically charged to your account when you purchase a vehicle. Once the vehicle has been paid for, we will deliver within 3 business days.
  8. Why was my tow denied if the destination was under 100 miles?
    IAA Local Tow may be unable to deliver vehicles outside of some branch metropolitan areas. We will always do our best to accommodate your request. If your vehicle cannot be delivered via Local Tow, IAA offers other great transportation options including, IAA Transport™ and Instant Transport Quote. For more information, visit IAA Transportation Services.  

*Exact distance from IAA Branch varies. Contact your local IAA Branch or call (847)496-9301 for delivery range. 

Disclaimer: Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. and its affiliates (“IAA”) will use best efforts to find a tower for IAA Local Tow. However, there may be instances where Local Tow is unavailable. IAA will not be responsible for any losses, lost profits, storage costs, damages, delays, or issues caused by the unavailability of Local Tow.