IAA’s Partnership with Marhaba Cars Auction

Marhaba Cars Auction

Marhaba Cars Auction is an official partner of the IAA Market Alliance Program and an experienced export supplier of North American vehicles to the Middle East. They operate an IAA Auction Center in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and conduct on-the-ground auctions with their own inventory, using IAA AuctionNow™ technology.

Branch and Auction Information

Hours of Operation

Office Hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm GST

Mid-day break: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm GST

4:30 pm to 9:30 pm GST

Friday: Closed

Auction Schedule:

Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4:30 pm GST

Vehicle Preview and Pick-up Hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm GST

Mid-day break: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm GST

4:30 pm to 9:30 pm GST

Friday: Closed

Auction Fees:   

Live on-site buyers do not pay auction fees.  

Marhaba Cars Auction fees are applicable only to online buyers located outside of UAE.   

Auction Fees are charged based on the vehicle-selling price in Emirati Dirham (AED):

Vehicle Sale Price Auction Fee
0 - 20,000 AED 750 AED
20,001 - 40,000 AED 1000 AED
40,0001 – 60,000 AED 1250 AED
60,000+ AED 1500 AED


On-site bidders are required to pay 20% of the purchase price at the time a vehicle is awarded.

A refundable security deposit of AED 3,000 is required for online buyers registered directly with Marhaba Cars Auction. It must be paid before your account is activated. The security deposit can be made in cash, by credit card (if done in person) or by wire transfer.

No deposit is required from IAA registered buyers to bid online for vehicles at Marhaba Cars Auction.

Payment and Pick-Up: 

Payment for vehicles purchased from Marhaba Cars Auction must be made directly to Marhaba Cars Auction either in person or via wire transfer. You cannot wire money to IAA to pay for vehicles purchased at Marhaba Cars Auction. All payments must be made in Emirati  Dirham (AED). 

  • Buyers have 7 calendar days to pay for the vehicles. Beginning on the 8th day, late payment fees will be applied.
  • Buyers have 14 calendar days to pick-up vehicles. Beginning on the 15th day, storage fees will be applied.  

Late Payment and Storage Fees:  

  • Late payment fee of AED 300 will be applied on the 8th day. Buyers will have an additional 7 calendar days to pay otherwise on the 15th day the vehicle will be relisted / released with a penalty of AED 2000 or 10% of vehicle value (whichever is higher). 
  • Storage fees of AED 37 per day will be applied beginning on the 15th day.  

Payment options:  

The only payment options accepted by Marhaba Cars Auction include:  

  • In person: Cash or Check* in Emirati Dirham (AED)   
  • Bank Wire Transfer*   

Marhaba wire transfer instructions:    

Account # 019100665316 
IBAN # AE710330000019100665316 
Currency: AED 
Swift code : BOMLAEAD 
Bank Address: DIC BRANCH 073, Dubai, United Arab Emirates   

* When paying by check or wire transfer, please keep in mind that vehicles will not be released until your payment has cleared and your funds are received into the Marhaba Cars Auction bank account.    

Other Branch-Specific Notes:   

All vehicles sold are sold “as is, where is”, with no warranty, expressed or implied, except to ownership of the vehicle. No warranty is made with respect to the accuracy of the information on the sale list. Please inspect the vehicles carefully and bod accordingly. Marhaba cars auction reserves the right to reject all bids and to negotiate with the high bidder. After the sale, vehicles remain in our facility at the buyer’s risk. Marhaba cars auction will not recognize any claim for theft or damage after the vehicle has been awarded.

Marhaba Cars Auction utilizes the IAA bidding and buying platform. IAA does not own or control Marhaba Cars Auction or any aspect of their operations. Marhaba Cars Auction is an independent company from IAA. Your purchasing and pick-up of vehicles are handled solely by Marhaba Cars Auction, and IAA is not in any way responsible or liable for any claims related thereto.

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Buying Vehicles at the Marhaba Cars Auction Location

Marhaba Cars Auction

Auctions run by Marhaba Cars Auction in the United Arab Emirates are utilizing the IAA AuctionNow bidding and buying auction platform.  

For Marhaba Cars Auction buyers in UAE:  

As a locally registered buyer at Marhaba Cars Auction, you will have an IAA bid number along with online login credentials to IAAI.com to access Marhaba Cars Auction auctions. Your IAA bidding credentials enable you to bid only at Marhaba Cars Auction.  

If you wish to purchase at other IAA locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, Marhaba Cars Auction can help you to acquire a separate buyer number and login ID for use in purchasing from locations outside of the UAE.  Contact us for more information.

For IAA buyers: 

As a registered buyer with IAA, there is no license or additional cost to bid at the Marhaba Cars Auction in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • View FAQ’s
  • Auction information, payment and fee schedule is located below. 


All vehicles sold by Marhaba Cars Auction are located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and must be paid for at Marhaba Cars Auction, or via wire transfer to Marhaba Cars Auction in Emirati Dirham (AED) currency.   

Marhaba Cars Auction has their own payment and fee schedule. View their payment and fee schedule below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For buyers registered locally with Marhaba Cars Auction in UAE: View FAQ’s 

For all other buyers registered with IAA who are located in the United States and other countries (including UAE): View FAQ’s 

Marhaba Cars Auction, Sharjah, UAE