IAA Timed Auctions™ FAQs

See some of the more commonly asked questions on Timed Auctions.

What is the difference between I-Bid Live and Timed Auctions? I-Bid Live is live, online bidding where vehicles are auctioned in a certain order. You must be online and able to bid when the vehicle comes on the block. In some cases, a vehicle can sell in less than 10 seconds.Timed Auctions is online-only bidding where all bidders know the exact minute that the stock will close. The highest bidder will win the vehicle after the closing time as long as the high bid meets the minimum bid (reserve) price.

Can I bid for a Timed Auction vehicle at an IAA branch? Bidding for vehicles in Timed Auctions can only be done online.

Is an auctioneer used for Timed Auctions? Timed Auctions is a 100% digital auction. There is no live auction or auctioneer.

Do I have to refresh the page while bidding through Timed Auctions? On IAAI.com, no. The IAAI.com Timed Auctions page will refresh automatically for any vehicle with less than 60 minutes remaining until its closing time.

What type of cars are available through Timed Auctions? A variety of vehicles will be available, although each will have a reserve price.

Can I cancel a bid? No. Once you place a maximum bid on a Timed Auction vehicle, the bid is final. If you win the vehicle, you will be responsible for payment and pick up.

How can Timed Auctions help me save time? A traditional live sale often takes several hours, and as a bidder, you need to pay attention for long periods of time to wait for the vehicles you’re interested in to come up for bidding. With a Timed Auction, you will know the exact, minute-specific closing time for each vehicle within the sale. That will allow you to plan ahead and make yourself available online only at the times when your vehicles of interest will be closing.

What if I already placed a bid through I-Bid Live? Can I still place a bid on Timed Auctions? A vehicle cannot be in both a live and a Timed Auction at the same time. Any given vehicle will go through a Timed Auction at least two days before it would appear in a traditional live sale. A licensed bidder can bid in either auction as desired.

How early will a vehicle be designated as being in a Timed Auction? Bidding will immediately be possible as soon as a vehicle is marked Timed Auction on IAAI.com. If you placed a vehicle in your Watch List and it was later assigned to a Timed Auction, you will receive an email stating the closing time with a link to view Vehicle Details.

Is there an additional fee to use Timed Auctions? No. Our existing fee structure for I-Bid Live purchases will be in place for Timed Auctions.

Am I able to set reminders that a Timed Auction is about to start? What is time frame of notifications of an item coming up, going on or entering the Timed Auction? There are no notifications at this time. Rather, the Timed Auctions page updates in real time (without any page refresh) for vehicles with 60 minutes or less remaining until the closing time. Your best option is to place vehicles of interest in your Watch List, then open the Timed Auctions page (via the Auctions menu at the top of the screen). On The Timed Auctions page, set your Bid Status to Watching. This will give you an easy view of all your watched vehicles and their Timed Auctions closing times.

Is there maximum number of vehicles I can watch at a time? 5,000 is the maximum number of watched vehicles per user 

Will buyers be able to view these vehicles at the yard locations? Please check with the IAA branch. Opportunities for vehicle preview are dependent upon branch staff availability.

Will these vehicles be sold as the same time as the sale day for the facility? No. A Timed Auction will always take place at least two days before a regularly scheduled live sale.

Will Timed Auction vehicles ever be put through normal sales? If a Timed Auction vehicle does not receive a high bid that meets the reserve price, the vehicle may be auctioned in a future live sale.

Will payment be able to be made at branch at time of pick up? Yes. Payment is available at all IAA branches during business hours.

If the vehicle is damaged or not correctly advertised, will IAA buy the vehicle back? Timed Auction vehicles are governed under the same auction rules that apply to I-bid Live and Buy Now™ purchases. If you have a question about a vehicle you purchased, please contact the branch that hosted the auction.

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