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Когда фотографии являются недостаточными источником для того, чтобы точно определить состояние автомобиля, вы можете нанять инспектора, для выполнения тщательного осмотра транспортного средства перед покупкой. Авто инспектор может оценить ущерб и предоставить вам подробную информацию, необходимую для того, чтобы с уверенностью вести торги на аукционе.

Выше указаные компании информировали IAA, что они могут обеспечить осмотр транспортного средства. Они не работают для IAA; IAA не даёт гарантий и не несет ответственость за услуги этих компаний. Они предоставляются только для вашей информации.

Поставщик Зона обслуживания Описание Свяжитесь
Advantage Equipment Inspections and De-identification National Advantage Equipment Inspections Services uses our Qualified National Vendor Network to provide inspections on cars, trucks, tractors, RV’s, and marine products. High quality digital photos and a condition report are provided with each inspection to ensure report accuracy. Utilizing our Qualified National Vendor Network of nearly 300 vendors means getting an accurate inspection completed quickly and professionally. Brandon Leonard
Carinspector.us National CarInspector.US performs a wide variety of vehicle inspections throughout the United States and Canada. We perform inspections at auctions, dealerships, shops, and private residences and can tailor inspections to fit your specific needs. Most of our inspections are completed within 48 hours. Jim Stone
URIS (Your Eyes) National With over 50 years of combined automotive experience, we understand dealers’ expectations. We tailor our inspections to meet our customers’ needs and address their greatest concerns. Inspections cost $89.95 (with 7 business days’ notice) and include a "one-on-one" telephone conversation with our inspector when he arrives at your vehicle. We take additional images, use an OBD II scanner to check for engine codes, and check all standard components on the vehicle. Leo Sticinski
National Inspection Service National National Inspection Services is a nationwide pre or post purchase vehicle inspection company. We have 250 inspectors located around the country to give you a fast and economical vehicle inspection. We inspect trucks, cars, RV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, fork lifts and most rolling stock. We inspect for leasing companies, dealers, finance companies, auctions, individuals and fleets. Scott McCoy
AUTOINSPECT.US U.S., Canada With AutoInspect.us, you get a detailed and accurate inspection conducted by professionals within 24-48 hours after you have placed an order. Inspection is carried out according to a 155-point inspection, which includes vehicle body and lacquer coating, cracks, scratches and dents, corrosion, wheels and tires, glass, electrical equipment, air-conditioner system, measuring devices functioning controls, audio and video system control, engine, trunk, and much more. Plus, you get 10 FREE Vehicle History Reports with every order. Client Service
1-954-666-0880 5am-6pm (ET) Monday-Friday, Hablamos Español
AAA Inspection Services Colorado With over 25 years of experience, we offer appraisals for all customers before making a purchase. For better piece of mind, it’s good to find answers to uncertainties you might have about a vehicle before bidding. We will personally examine each vehicle to answer your questions and provide additional photos, if desired. Please try to give us a couple days notice before the sale date to make sure we have adequate time to prepare a complete inspection for you. The fee for inspection, photos and report is $125.00 due via pay-pal prior to inspection. After payment is received, we can call you from the yard to discuss any questions you might have. Remember, we can only do inspections on vehicles with a sale date. Troy Jones
Car Saints National Car Saints is a professional network of vehicle inspectors throughout the United States. Providing professional mobile inspection services to independent buyers and dealers, Car Saints lets you make better-informed decisions before purchasing a vehicle. In business since 2012, we are dedicated to providing top service and convenience for buyers and sellers of vehicles, no matter where you are located. Log in and register to place an inspection request and let Car Saints take care of the rest. Car Saints Client Service