IAA Interact™ Merchandising Platform

The industry’s first comprehensive merchandising platform combining imagery, information and personalization. The IAA Interact merchandising platform engages buyers with detailed vehicle information while driving a more competitive bidding and buying environment. The platform provides the buyer with unmatched research tools, improved purchasing guidance and greater transparency.

The IAA Interact merchandising platform includes three key elements and several value-added tools at no cost to our buyers:


  • Provides high-resolution images and panoramic video, critical to assess each unique vehicle asset.
  • Enables buyers to inspect vehicle parts, components and damage with digital images and video.
  • Includes: IAA 360 View™, IAA High Resolution Images™, and IAA Key Images™.


  • Helps buyers make more-informed bidding and purchasing decisions.
  • Includes vehicle details such as OEM specifications and part interchange numbers.
  • Includes: SpinCar® Feature Tour®, IAA Engine Start™ video, Chrome Equipment Details, and Hollander Part Interchange numbers.


  • Meets the heightened purchasing process expectations of today’s digital buyers.
  • Uses researching, bidding and buying behavioral data to suggest inventory.
  • Provides buyers with a personalized experience.
  • Includes: IAA Buyer Recommendations available through their dashboard.