IAA AuctionNow®

IAA's bidding and buying auction platform is digital. In a continued effort to innovate our auction model and incorporate feedback from buyers, our successful AuctionNow® platform has been enhanced to accommodate digital-only auctions.

New Feature - Watch List view

The “Watch List” is a new bidding view that only displays vehicles on your watch list for that day of sales. Avoid opening windows for multiple lanes and focus only on the vehicles you are most interested in bidding on. The list updates in real-time as vehicles get closer to the block, and you can bid on multiple watched vehicles at the same time. This feature is available on the web and mobile.

How to Bid: IAA AuctionNow®

IAA AuctionNow operates in an automated way, by our system.

The countdown progress bar changes in color from green to yellow to orange to red as the countdown ticks down. The 'Time Extended' feature automatically restarts the countdown when there is high bidding activity on a stock.

The ‘Digital Auction’ sound effects can be turned on/off using the volume toggle switch. This switch is auction-specific, you can only listen to audio from one auction at any given time. This must be turned on manually for each auction.

'You’ve been outbid!' Will be seen by anyone who was outbid while bidding is in progress.

'Reserve Off' will be indicated as soon as the reserve threshold is met or the reserve is lifted.

'You Won!' Will be seen by the winner after bidding is over.

When the highest bid doesn’t meet the reserve price for the vehicle On the Block, it will be indicated as an 'If Bid'. The orange overlay will only be seen by the high bidder. All other bidders will see a gray overlay.

If the highest bid at auction did not meet the seller's reserve price (also called If Bid), the seller can choose to either sell the car to the buyer at the high bid, send it to the next auction, or make a counter-offer using IAA Manage Offers™.

IAA Mange Offers™ is a tool that allows sellers and buyers to negotiate on ‘If Bids’; immediately after the vehicle leaves the auction block. Learn more about Manage Offers.

'Bidding Closed' will be seen by everyone, except the high bidder, when bidding is over for a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is our auction model changing?

IAA is an all-digital platform utilizing our AuctionNow technology. The platform is automated by our system. The auctioneer’s voice was replaced by sound effects and automated verbal audio effects.

Will buyers still be able to preview onsite prior to the auction?

Yes, sale and preview dates for all of our branches will remain the same.  Should there be any changes, they will be communicated internally and externally.

What if I don’t have an online account?

Setting one up is fast and easy. If you’re a registered buyer and have a buyer number, simply provide your email address to the customer service representative at any branch, or contact IAA Customer Support. For new registrations, visit IAAI.com or download the mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

Can buyers bid online from a kiosk within the branch

No, buyers will need to research, bid, and buy on their device.

How are fees managed?

All vehicles bought online are subject to our Buyer Fee Schedule.

Will current auction times change?

Auctions will always start at the exact posted time on IAAI.com and will always proceed exactly in order of Run # (starting with 1 and going up).

What enhancements are being made to AuctionNow?

New enhancements are being developed to make your digital auction experience better. Check back to see what new improvements are available.