IAA Canada Timed Auctions™

With this exciting new platform, not only can you bid and buy anytime, you’ll also have the benefit of knowing exactly when bidding on each online auto auction ends. Start bidding today!

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How It Works

Timed Auctions gives you the ability to bid on online car auctions over a defined period of time. You can enter your maximum bid online and see if the reserve has been met. When the countdown ends, you’ll know immediately if you are the winner!

  • Fresh inventory, no reruns.
  • Bid with precision and know exactly when the online car auctions end.
  • Set your maximum dollar amount and let the auction system incrementally bid for you.
  • Notifications arrive quickly if you’re outbid so you can jump right back into the action.
  • Watch the final-hour countdown clock in real-time because every second counts!
  • When the reserve is met and the countdown ends, the highest bidder immediately wins the auto auction.
  • Online buyers have a front row seat to all of the action.
  • When the auction’s reserve is not met and the countdown ends, the highest bidder gets a Buy Now Offer.
  • If a Buy Now Offer is declined, it is opened to the remaining bidders – first come first serve. If no one accepts, it moves to our regular ‘buy now.’

Convenient. Efficient. Precise

Exclusive First Look

Bid on vehicles before they move to the live auction.

Quick and Easy

Input your maximum bid, then stand by and let Timed Auctions do the rest.

Real-Time Updates

Receive real-time status updates and have the ability to accept a Buy Now Offer when you’re the highest bidder on an auction that hasn’t met the reserve.

IAA Timed Auctions™ FAQs

See the most frequently asked questions about timed auctions.